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The Team

Who We Are

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Founder & Vision

"As a child I felt the oneness with all of life. I believe it is how we are naturally ‘wired’ in relation to this beautiful planet Earth. Adapting to a society that lost this magic, I nearly forgot about this inner knowing. The trees around my house gave me a big ‘wakeup call’. Since then, I follow up on this call, by sharing my experiences with the non-human world of trees and forests in different ways and co-creating with others. With the Free Forests Foundation, I can make the invisible voice of trees and forests visible and bring it down to Earth."

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Legal & Financial Adviser

"Changing our relation with trees and forests requires a social change and change in our rules of law. The concept of Nature rights fascinates me and I gladly put my effort to the cause of Free Forests to further deep into this topic."

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Social Change Expert

‘I want to give my energy & focus to experiment on how we can change our relation with life, earth and nature. How can we relate in equality with all life forms? How can we relate to trees in a different way? And how would the future look like if we could do that?

I think it needs a bigger empty space of 'not knowing' in our minds and hearts. Then from this place of not knowing our hands will find different ways.’

Creative Lead

‘Our ability to engage with each other and with our environment derives directly from our ability to understand. And since understanding comes from observation, we are required an open curiosity, we are called to cultivate care, we are invited to listen deeply. There are many ways towards restorative and regenerative cultures. At Free Forests, I am weaving together filmmaking and community building.’

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Communication Strategy Expert

‘Nature has always fascinated me, as well as human behaviour. Trees are the source of all life. A fact that is so clear and obvious, yet as humans we often seem to forget this. Trees are also a great source of wisdom. With the Free Forests Foundation, I hope to find new ways to reconnect people with that knowledge and change the way we interact with nature, so we can discover we have that same source of wisdom within ourselves.’

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