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Ethical Charter

We, the Free Forests Foundation co-founders,


  • acknowledge and respect all life including planet Earth, as a living organism


  • respect, live and work with the sacred, without dogma or religion and with a vision that includes generations to come


  • aim to communicate and act from the heart, collaborate without competitive mindsets, with gratitude and humility


  • be open to investigate our blind spots and biases, through personal reflection and open dialogue


  • recognise that everything is constantly evolving and be aware of the bigger picture


  • keep faith that we will be guided even in the midst of difficulties and times of crisis


  • attend to the wellbeing of our whole being: body, heart, mind and spirit


  • aim to embody our values and principles with love, joy and compassion!

Members of the Board

Anne Leeflang, President
Marike van Woerkom, Secretary

Jos Korpadi, Treasurer

The board members do not receive any salary for their work.


Policy Plan 2022-2026

You can view and download our Policy Plan for 2022-2026 here.


Annual Reports

We established the foundation on 27th July 2022 and chose for an extended financial year ending on 31st December 2023. Our first financial report will be published here early 2024.

Our first annual activity report will be published here early 2023.


Financial information

Statutory name: Stichting Free Forests

RSIN: 864220327
CoC: 87156377
Address: Stichting Free Forests, Zwiepseweg 18, 7244 NA, Barchem, The Netherlands

Bank account details (IBAN): NL24 TRIO 0320 5134 08


Bank Name: Triodos Bank N.V.

Creative Credits

Photo credits portrait Tanja page 'The Story', page Tree Talk The film & Portraits Team: Rebke Klokke

All other Photcredits portraits  & trees except opening page, page vision & mission page strategy, and page What you can do & portraits endorsements: Delia Spatareanu 

Credits creative webdesign: Delia Spatareanu

Credits graphic design & font: Maresa Buijs 

Copyright all text on the website: Stichting Free Forests

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