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Our Strategy

is to create and support projects based on 3 main pillars

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Engaged Action

Initiating Tree Walk & Talk events, especially a yearly walk during the UN Climate Conference, to give voice to the trees who are not invited in the political and public arena and generate public and media attention around rights for trees as living beings.


Organising educational activities in forests, focusing on 18-25 year olds, based on the circular model of exploring-experience-expanding-expressing. We encourage the interaction with trees and forests in multiple ways in order to experience and learn from them. We aim to work together with schools and universities who are interested in a holistic approach to natural sciences.

Image by Anna Saveleva
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Image by Jesse Bauer


Disseminating information based on scientific and intuitive research about the current state and vitality levels of the trees and forests of Earth.


This is done in different forms by publishing books, articles, blogs, live storytelling, films and social media posts.


At the moment, Tanja is writing a book on the voice of the trees, merging spirit with science.

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