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Image by Marita Kavelashvili
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Forests are rapidly disappearing on Earth due to destructive human practices. We are at a tipping point, with one third of them lost since the last Ice Age. To reach a balance in our global eco-system, forests are essential for capturing CO2 out of the air, supporting healthy water cycles & providing habitat for millions of life forms, to name a few. There are plenty of scientific studies that already prove our interconnectedness.


Yet how do we live and practice this understanding?

We envision a world which supports a collaborative relationship between trees and humans, a world in which forests are no longer treated as a commodity owned by humans. A world in which trees are experienced as living, sentient beings with a wisdom and intelligence of their own.


We acknowledge and protect their rights to life, freedom and well-being. We listen to and learn from them and aim to act upon their teachings to support all life on Earth.


The vitality of the forests and the presence of healthy, old trees is an ultimate indicator for the wellbeing of Earth’s eco-systems. A world with natural forests, requires humans to interfere less and to act with more care and respect for the trees around their house, communities and forests.


Free Forests Foundation aims to complement the scientific and technological approaches already used for protection of forests, re-wilding, regeneration of land and eco-systems. 


We believe that life-supporting solutions can be found in the intelligence of Nature by acknowledging its subtle & generous wisdom, which originally was perceived by all humans.  


We raise awareness by initiating inspiring forest walks that are a participatory learning experience through: intuition and first person perception.  Our learning activities are immersive experiences which draw upon sense perceptions, traditional wisdom and current ecological understanding.

In short, our aim is to raise awareness to:  

  • change the destructive mindset about trees as a ‘commodity’ into a healthy relationship of respect, love and collaboration

  • experience trees as sentient beings, with innate wisdom

  • learn from the teachings of trees, since they have been on Earth for much longer than humans

  • the medicine and healing capacities of specific trees and forests in general 

  • the need to act now to protect & restore biodiverse, natural forests and to do this wisely and include communities

Image by veeterzy

“Humans are part of nature. More and more people acknowledge how important trees and forests are for all life on Earth. They discover how they feel, how they react to one another, to climate change and to all of life around them, including humans. How wonderful it would be if we would give trees space to let them be, instead of treating them as a resource that we are entitled to exploit. This initiative can also contribute to this acknowledgment. Working together with nature and respecting her is more than ever of utmost importance.”

Princess Irene van Lippe Biesterfeld

Founder of Natuur College, Netherlands

Writer on Nature Reconnection

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